CTEFL and an AA degree

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CTEFL and an AA degree

Unread postby mystique » 26 Oct 2004, 01:22

Can anyone tell me what my chances are working overseas with a two year degree and a CTEFL? I hear conflicting info regarding a college degree--some say you need at least a BA/BS or you will have difficulty finding a job or getting an overseas visa. Can anyone clarify this for me? I'd love to hear from someone with only a two year college degree. Thanks. :?:


Two year or four year?

Unread postby Martin » 03 Feb 2005, 21:36

Interesting question, and I've read some rather conflicting things about the degree thing. I know a four year is prefered...but the friend who told me about teaching oversea's went to China with only an A.A(and enjoyed his stay too).
Think the organization he used was called Sinolink.com; they pretty much took care of everything, though the pay was crap(to be expected). Anyway, look them up and see if they also know of some equally leniant groups. Good Luck!

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