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Unread postby obatala » 26 Mar 2008, 00:51

Sometimes I feel discouraged with my students (seniors high school) ‘they don’t seem to be interested in anything apart from theirs iPods, also the salary is not so good, but I love teching,the sensation of helping others is immense….and that is enough to make me get up at 6 am every day :)

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Re: discouraged

Unread postby D_77 » 17 Apr 2008, 12:58

Hi obatala,

You sound like a really nice person, and I totally understand what you mean when you say that you love teaching. From my experience, when you are teaching teens --you have to get connected psychologically! You have to connect with them --show interest in what they are interested in. You have to learn to be spontaneous, so if you see that they don´t like something or are bored you´ll have to switch to something else. Create a questionaire or an exercise to ask them questions about what they like, their interests, etc. and then you take it from there --use the answers to help you create a lesson plan that will keep them interested ---learning and integrating things that they like. I have used this technique in many classes with teens and it has worked for me. Good luck. D_77

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