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TEFL in Latin America

Unread postby jules8679 » 04 Feb 2008, 17:58

I'm really interested in doing a TEFL course in Latin America, and I needed help
selecting which course would be best for me. I was hoping you could help me with
this problem. For a little bit of background about me, I'm a senior in college
and I'll be graduating in May with a BSc in Biology. I'm a 4 year Athlete - I'm
a rower, I am not a city person at all, I would much rather be outside hiking or
running or kayaking then shopping or going to a museum for the most part. I
tutored English and math to fellow athletes for a while. I'm originally from
Canada and I currently live in the US. I do not speak Spanish, but I'm going to
start learning soon in preparation for my course. It is really important to me
that a course help me with job placement, because when I finish the course its
going to be extremely important that I get a job as quickly as possible, as I
will be extremely low on funds and I will have to start paying back my loans. So
knowing this about me, what courses would you recommend and which courses offer
the most job placement support?
thanks so much.

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Re: TEFL in Latin America

Unread postby ICAL_Pete » 05 Feb 2008, 13:44

I'd concentrate more on the quality of the course you take, rather than the job placement guarantees it may offer. You sound like a good candidate, one that schools would like to employ. I don’t think you need to pay extra to ensure job placement. You already have most of the basic requirements for employment at entry level. Once you’ve added your TESL Certificate to your résumé you should be able to find work quite easily even on your own. Besides, you preference for outer areas is a plus as you’ll find less competition. The majority of teachers tend to look for work in the cities.

You may want to take a look at the teaching positions in South America advertised online to get a better idea of the kind of job offer that’s around.

Hope this helps

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Re: TEFL in Latin America

Unread postby jules8679 » 05 Feb 2008, 14:24

I've been looking at the job market and I know that I would be a good candidate with the teaching certificate under my belt. I just don't know which course people have found the most useful. I'm more specifically looking at Costa Rica, Argentina and Mexico, if that helps, although I'm open to pretty much any suggestions if people have a place that they went, did the course, and loved. The main requirement for the place I go to is that it has a lot to do outside, not in a city, and the people are nice.

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Re: TEFL in Latin America

Unread postby tashttmadrid » 14 Feb 2008, 18:06


I would contact as many TEFL schools as you can in the areas you want to go to. Write a list of all the questions you have and then go with your gut feeling and the school that responds the best to the questions you have. Each school is different and some schools suit some more than others. The school should help you make the move both on an emotional level and the more obvious practical level. The schools that makes you feel most comfortable will be the school that is right for you. Also ask to be put in touch with previous graduates and email them directly. They will be much more honest and give you the inside information you need.

Hope this helps and good luck with your adventure.

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Re: TEFL in Latin America

Unread postby castillo » 21 Nov 2008, 19:03

Ranchomargot in Costa Rica is looking for an English teacher to teach students and employees. It is a beautiful setting . 1 year commitment if possible.
Please contact me at herznadine@hotmail.com to tell me more about your experiences.
Check the website www.ranchomargot.org
Kindest regards
Nadine Herz

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