ILA Vietnam - advice please!

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ILA Vietnam - advice please!

Unread postby helenr5 » 14 Jan 2008, 14:38

Hi I have a couple of things that I'd like any advice on.

Firstly - I'm planning on doing an intensive 4 week CELTA course but can't do this until summer as I'm working and need to save some money up before I can quit my job. After I've done the course I would like to get a job as soon as possible and was wondering how long the process of applying etc usually takes? As in how long should I expect to wait between finishing my course and actually getting on a plane?!

Secondly - I'd really like to go to vietnam and the company ILA Vietnam keeps coming up, has anyone worked with this company and if so, what are they like?



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Re: ILA Vietnam - advice please!

Unread postby glenji » 20 Jan 2008, 17:26


I've worked for the school for a couple of years and think that it is a good school. I've got experience in Taiwan and China and it is a million miles above anything that I experienced there. I did my CELTA course in the UK so don't have firsthand knowledge of the course. CELTA students sometimes observe my class and they seem pretty positive. Anyway, I got talking to some people in the pub the other night who are on the current course and if they agree I can pass on their e-mails. That way you can get some direct feedback. Let me know if you are interested and I'll speak to them at work. Glenji

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Re: ILA Vietnam - advice please!

Unread postby Chicken » 24 Apr 2008, 08:07


I too am interested in the course in Vietnam, if you're still in contact with the people in the pub, please pass on my Email - I've PMed it to you.



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