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Unread postby richard » 15 May 2007, 17:32

Hiya Guys N Gals,

I have a question regarding TEFL and I hope you guys can answer.

I'm thinking of taking a TEFL course. However, I have no degree standard qualification. Whilst I understand this is not needed to take the course, I am concerned this will hinder me finding employment internationally as a native English speaker with a TEFL certificate.

So, my question is....will I find employment globally and where will I most likely find this?

Many thanks...


Peter Easton
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Unread postby Peter Easton » 17 May 2007, 04:56

It limits your options a little but if you can teach you should still have no problem finding work anywhere in the world. Take your pick . . .

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Unread postby shlee » 24 May 2007, 14:16

The TEFL certificate can be a help to you. I would think a Bachelor's degree or higher would be better, but you can find some places that will accept you based on your TEFL qualifications. As the other poster mentioned, don't be afraid to try. There are many places looking for native English speakers to provide instruction for their students. Check your message box for other information sent to you regarding this...Thanks and have a great day!

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