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MA Applied Linguistics

Unread postby Paul1 » 06 May 2007, 16:17


I was wondering if anybody has taken or is thinking of taking an MA Applied Linguistics course. I am an English Teacher in Germany and have applied for an MA Applied Linguistics course at a Groningen University in the Netherlands. I have chosen to do this instead of the DELTA course because I think it goes into a little more depth and allows you to do a serious research assignment. However, I would be very grateful to get anyone else's views on Applied Linguistics, DELTA or any other study program you know of or have done. Also, I do not really want to return to the UK to study, but have so far only found this course in Holland on the Continent. Does anybody know of any other courses available in Continental Europe?

Thanks if you can help me at all!


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Re: MA Applied Linguistics

Unread postby mohamedansary72 » 01 Jan 2009, 23:59

stamatis wrote:I believe an MA course in applied Linguistics must be very tough, unless you enjoy the area of Linguistics. I am a teacher of English too, I am currently doing a Master's course in Tesol. I was told that it's like Applied Linguistics but not in so much detail. (not very sure).
I am in Greece and I studying by distance learning (1year-2years course) with an English University. I quite enjoy it.
The choice is yours.
Good Luck :)

What is the name of the college where you get your MA by distance learning? I am looking for a good program of an MA in this field.

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