Which cert for Italy?

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Which cert for Italy?

Unread postby tofu » 12 Dec 2006, 14:04

I am going to move to Italy next year and want to teach ESL. I am an Italian citizen, so will have no problem with a work permit. I live in Boston now and there is a TEFL course offered this January which I want to take, then teach for 5 months prior to moving so I have some experience, albeit not much, on my resume. My question is: does the TEFL 120 hours course allow me opportunities in Italy vs. the CELTA? I hear conflicting stories out there? thanks!

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CELTA or TEFL to work in Italy

Unread postby ICAL_Pete » 20 Jan 2007, 17:49

CELTA has a high profile in Europe, having been massively advertised and promoted for years! It is undoubtedly a popular qualification that will open many doors. There are however many good schools in Italy that will happily accept TEFL Certificates issued by other reputable organizations. It often comes down to how the TEFL provider is perceived by the individual employer. So if you are concerned about the qualifications you will need, then the only sure way to find out is to talk to the school(s) where you'd like to work. They will have their own preferences.


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Unread postby keith » 25 Jan 2007, 19:21

Hi Tofu

I agree with Pete. The two most internationally recognised and accepted qualifications are the CELTA and the Trinity Cert TESOL. Most employers do not make a distinction between these two in terms of the qualifications they accept.

There are many other good quality courses available of equivalent length (120 hours) and content, and you'll find that more and more employers are starting to recognise these as suitable alternatives. But, as Pete says, it is always best to check with individual schools, or have a look at some job ads for Italy to get an idea of what schools are typically asking for.

I hope this helps.


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