Teaching English for ELL/ESL Students

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Teaching English for ELL/ESL Students

Unread postby MelSantos » 06 Oct 2012, 21:16

Hello guys!

I am Mel, although I was a teacher for over 6 years back in Brazil, now I am finishing my Master of art in Education here in the US. I need people's opinions on the following questions for an assignment, can anyone contribute please?:

How do you effectively model a skill or a concept for a student who doesn't have the knowledge of the English language?
What strategies to you use to assist an ESL/ELL student build his/her vocabulary?
Are there opportunities available for these students to repeatedly practice and use these vocabulary words?I
Is feedback provided immediately? how?
How do you select, adapt, and sequence the current curriculum materials to meet the needs of ESL/ELL students?
Do you use current material for SEI instruction?
What strategies do you use to successfully deliver cooperative lessons?

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