Accreditation for a Language School

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Accreditation for a Language School

Unread post by saintpeta » 22 Oct 2007, 18:57

I have just started a new job organising the accreditation process and the more I delve the more information in required. Since this is only my 3rd week is there anyone who has done this role who can tell me how long they think this process could take -there are only 6 teachers to inspect and it seems that everything needs to be put into place from scratch -but I also wanted to know how deep the inspectors go and is there anything that I needn't bother with ....can anyone shed any light?


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Unread post by Alex Case » 02 Nov 2007, 01:03

Can't help with this I'm afraid, but it might help others if you could say who you are being inspected by. British Council?
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Re: Accreditation for a Language School

Unread post by chrisw » 12 Jan 2008, 17:56

It can take a year or a few days. It all depends on the organization you are working with.
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Re: Accreditation for a Language School

Unread post by systematic » 21 Jun 2008, 09:10

Funny how people often request help on forums, then don't come back.
I read the OP"s post for the n'th time but still couldn't quite make up my mind whether he had got himself a job as an inspector, or whether it was his school that was going to be inspected :?

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Re: Accreditation for a Language School

Unread post by Susan » 12 Nov 2008, 12:09

It's quite possible that the person did come back between posting the question and getting a reply (there was a gap of some 10 days).
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