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Time management help

Unread post by keegan99k9 » 16 Mar 2007, 15:03

Hi, I think I have a problem with time management. I have 2 kids aged 3 and 6, work part time, study and keep actively fit. When I'm doing the things I really love I seem to be able to do them for ever, but I notice that loads of time has passed and the other things such as clean the house etc are still there waiting. I'd love to have a clean house but enjoy my time doing other things too much. They are important things that keep me well and content.

Alex Case
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Unread post by Alex Case » 20 Aug 2007, 11:11

Tips here:

http://www.tefl.net/alexcase/workshop-p ... -teachers/
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Peter Easton
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Unread post by Peter Easton » 30 Aug 2007, 01:24

Do what I do - get a cleaner. She does all my washing and keeps the house spotless and I pay her the equivalent a pound an hour, which is twice the market average but she's poor and does a good job.

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