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by brendaschouw
19 Dec 2007, 15:30
Forum: General Teacher Discussion
Topic: Accuracy or fluency
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Personally, I believe the emphasis should be on fluency. Especially at the beginning of a new school year or when you’re dealing with a group that doesn’t know each other very well yet. For some students it can be very difficult or even hurtful to be confronted with their mispronunciations in front ...
by brendaschouw
19 Dec 2007, 15:03
Forum: Special Needs
Topic: What should I do if one of my students has dyslexia?
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Kate, I completely understand your frustration. Though my advice would be to try to focus on a dyslectic student's capabilities instead of its incapabilities. In my experience dyslectic students often suffer from a lack of self esteem, because of their experiences in the educational system. They wer...