a TEFL Net Worksheet

Question Tags

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Add question tags to these statements to make questions:

1 You come from China,

2 He had to leave at 7 o’clock,

3 She hasn’t got a dog,

4 It isn’t snowing,

5 Jenny was hoping to come,

6 It’s stopped raining,

7 He’d better come on time,

8 We’ve done this before,

9 You don’t like football,

10 She won’t be late,

11 Annie's French,

12 It was last week that we met,

13 That’s wrong,

14 You’d never have thought it,

15 The sun will be shining tomorrow,

16 He’d rather go home,

17 He can’t sing,

18 You should leave earlier,

19 I must stop,

20 Let’s start,