a TEFL Net Worksheet

Mixed-tense Questions

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1 What did you do last night?

2 What are you doing now?

3 Are you going home after this lesson?

4 What were you doing at 3am today?

5 Have you ever been to America?

6 Are you speaking (French)?

7 Do you speak (French)?

8 What will you do tonight?

9 What are you going to do at the weekend?

10 New York isn’t in China, is it?

11 Where do you live?

12 What will you be doing at 10am tomorrow?

13 Are you driving a car?

14 Where will you be this time tomorrow?

15 Were you born in Brazil?

16 How long will we have been studying at 1pm?

17 Is it snowing?

18 Could you swim when you were two?

19 What time do you get up?

20 What time did you get up today?