Why Use Worksheets

Worksheets are generally popular with learners because they are usually non-intimidating and user-friendly as well as providing a finite exercise (ideally one page) where learners get rapid feedback and can often judge for themselves their own abilities and progress. They are also a convenient, often free, resource for teachers that can easily be saved and printed as required.

  • they can make good fillers and warm-ups
  • useful for revision, practice and test preparation
  • they can reinforce instruction
  • they are handy for homework
  • some worksheets can be done in pairs or small groups, helping develop communication and teamwork skills
  • in large classes, when stronger learners have finished you can have some worksheets handy to keep them happy
  • worksheets can help stimulate independent learning
  • they can provide a good deal of repetition, often vital for internalizing concepts
  • they are useful for assessment of learning and/or progress (especially targeted to specific areas)
  • they are flexible and can supplement a text book very well
  • they let students keep their work as reference material if they so wish

What makes an effective worksheet?