Skill-based ESL Worksheets

Each of these worksheets has been designed to print out on a single sheet of A4 or US Letter size paper. Each worksheet may be downloaded, printed, photocopied, used and distributed freely for non-commercial purposes provided you do not modify its content.


Macro Skills

Numbers and Letters Bingo
Students listen to the numbers and call out the corresponding letters - or vice versa. It's also a great way to teach the phonetic alphabet.
Getting to know you
Ideal for first lesson. Students interview each other (and Teacher?). Watch for trick questions. Clearly no-one in the class has gone to London.
Reading review
Form for completion by student reviewing book, short story, article, poem etc. Includes Overview and Commentary fields.
General knowledge quiz 1   [Key]
You may wish to allow students to use a dictionary, subject to precise level, culture etc.
Spelling: -ing
Students spell present participle of simple verbs: like>liking, stop>stopping.

Micro Skills

Expressions of Quantity
Students insert the appropriate expression of quantity: I have a few onions, I don't have much salt.
Regular/Irregular verbs
Sort the following verbs into regular and irregular. (Some verbs may be both.)
Mixed-tense Questions
Variety of questions in different tenses. Good oral drill where Teacher fires questions at group or individual and requires rapid and correct responses. Can also be used for pair work.
Question Tags
Students add the tag:
(You like coffee, ___ ___ ?)
Gramatical Items
Students write a sentence for each grammatical item, underlining the particular grammatical item.
Verbs and Tenses
Students write a short sentence for each structure, underlining the particular structure.
Use(d) to   [Key]
Students sort Used To Do, Used To Doing and Get Used To into three groups and explain the difference between each group.
Country, nationality and language
Students complete the chart - She comes from the USA, she is American, she speaks English.
Describing objects
Students describe various objects by shape, colour and material.
ABC - Animals
Can you find an ANIMAL for each letter of the alphabet?
ABC - Cities
Can you find a CITY for each letter of the alphabet?
ABC - Countries
Can you find a COUNTRY for each letter of the alphabet?
ABC - Jobs
Can you find a JOB for each letter of the alphabet?
Opposite adjectives
Match the words in each column that mean the opposite or very nearly the opposite.
Put the following words in order of size, with the biggest or strongest at the top.
Word stress
Teacher reads out two- and three-syllable words. Students underline the stressed syllable.
Pronunciation -ed
Students write the phonetic symbol for each verb -ed ending: [d], [t] or [Id]. Includes a reading practice text laced with -ed verbs (and adjectives).