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Full-time ESL Job Wanted: Spain, one of the bigger cities

Posted by: Ruth Emode
Date: 30 August 2014

To whom it concerns,

I have copied my curriculum vitae below for you to see my work experience, but I am a Canadian currently teaching ESL for academic purposes at a university, with a Master's Degree in English and a TESL Diploma (I am willing to send along electronic copies of my certifications). I won't be coming to Spain until early next year, but since I would like to try to arrange employment before I get there, I'm researching and looking for jobs now. I will also be taking beginner Spanish classes soon to achieve basic proficiency before I arrive.

I plan to stay in Spain for 4-6 months, and since I'm currently 26, I would appreciate an employer who could help me get the work permit/visa specifically for Canadians (Agreement between Spain and Canada on Youth Mobility Programs). I'm open to both full-time and part-time work.

I am also interested in participating in a homestay program involving teaching English to a host family for 15 hrs a week as a means to accommodation.

Thank you for your consideration,


Employment & Professional Experiences
2013- ESL Instructor

York University English Language Institute (YUELI), Toronto ON
- A versatile position that allows for teaching English for Academic Purposes courses with the integrated four skills as well as courses that focus on reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, and pronunciation individually
- Experience balancing numerous learning goals for the students through long-term lesson planning while teaching new skills in two-month intensive programs
- Experience teaching a greater diversity of students from Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and China, Japan, Turkey, Russia, and other nations often in mixed groups
- Experience contributing to curriculum development as well experimenting with new techniques and piloting materials and learning assessments to better teach to the learning outcomes
- Being part of a collaborative work environment wherein colleagues eagerly share ideas and materials and attend professional development sessions to increase their knowledge of and proficiency at teaching ESL

2014 ESL Teacher

Eurocentres, Toronto ON
- Working as a summer teacher with intermediate-level students
- Honing explanation of grammar rules and their exceptions and focusing on reading skills, particularly by engaging students in different methods of scanning as well as creating their own comprehension and discussion questions
- Enhancing efficiency with assessments for the weekly new and graduating students, and processing student feedback quickly to quickly revise lesson plans accordingly
- Learning to play closer attention to speech patterns during biweekly speaking assessments to pinpoint common errors in pronunciation and grammar

2013-2014 Freelance Editor

FriesenPress, Publishing Company, Victoria BC
- A telecommute position involving overall evaluations, substantive or content copy editing, and proofreading of manuscripts from various genres and on diverse subjects
- Refining critical thinking and interpretive abilities by pinpointing problematic areas in the authors’ texts
- Collaborating with these writers by recommending corrective measures to reword, expand, condense, or reorganize their theoretical concepts or fictional elements

2011-2013 Tutor of Advanced Level Korean International Students

EduVictoria, Victoria BC
- Tutoring high school students in a local homestay and immersion program
- Inventively designing lesson plans through online exercises, Microsoft Office and other software programs, and personally created materials
- Supplementing their schooling by focusing on areas of weakness to enhance their language proficiency
- Constantly developing new strategies to teach the skills of listening, reading, speaking, and writing in an engaging manner
- Teaching the students to strengthen the communication of their ideas by requesting clarification of their spoken ideas and raising antithetical points to their written arguments

2010 – 2011 ESL Teacher at Geumnam and Daedong Public Elementary Schools

Yeongi-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea
- Applying theoretical knowledge about the English language, pedagogy, and varied learning styles through creative lesson plans and diverse tactics to make classes engaging
- Leadership experience in managing large classrooms and altering lesson plans and learning goals to suit multiple ages (from kindergarteners to grade six students) and levels of proficiency
- Adapting quickly to new cultures, languages, and institutional environments through patience, curiosity, and an equitable understanding of others
- Part of a professional community about improving the knowledge and welfare of everyone involved while still appreciating the individual's growth

Education & Qualifications
2011-2013 Master’s Degree in English Literature

University of Victoria, Victoria, BC
- Opportunity to sharpen my analytical and argumentative skills in dismantling and subsequently reconfiguring modes of thought to imagine idealistic alternatives
- A special concentration in Cultural, Social, and Political Thought (CSPT), which involved reading and research about contemporary issues related to marginalized groups, operating structures of power, and popular modes of thought
- Timely completion of a thesis exploring the question of representing histories of violence ethically through a focus on works of literature portraying Black history
- Completed a pedagogy and practicum course about teaching literature and composition at University of Victoria and technical writing related to employment documents and career-exploration interviews at Camosun College
- Recipient of 2012 Graduate Award

2012 TESL/TESOL Diploma Approved by TESL Canada
Victoria International Academy (VIA), Victoria BC
- Accreditation for teaching English as a second language in Canada with one-hundred hours of textbook work and twenty-hour practicum with adult students
- Learning to determine which teaching methods or styles are best and intrinsically motivate students by keeping in mind their diverse backgrounds and interests
- Simplifying grammar rules to render them accessible and thematically relevant
- Relating target vocabulary, such as marketing or business terminology, to practical knowledge or scenarios, connecting concepts to reality

2005-2009 Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in English Literature
Queen's University, Kingston ON
- Seminar presentations in upper years formed rhetorical skills for future collaboration of ideas and confidence in public speaking
- Establishment of my interest in intercultural relations through courses about postcolonial thought, diaspora studies, and multiculturalism in Canada
- Discovery of the pertinence of critical theory to question surrounding norms that persist in language and communication
- Recognition of academic achievement through placement on the Dean's Honour List on three occasions

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