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Full-time ESL Job Wanted: Czech Republic

Posted by: Adam Pettit
Date: 29 July 2014

Adam Pettit, TEFL CV
English Language Teacher, Trinity Cert, TESOL
TEFL Qualification
Nationality: American. Native English Speaker

Summary: I am a newly certified English Language Instructor seeking full time work in Prague.


7.25.14 Trinity Cert TESOL, Oxford Tefl Prague.

Included 6 hours of teaching practice observed by Trinity approved tutors

and 2 hours of unobserved teaching including one-to-one teaching.

5.5.11 MFA- Creative Writing- Fiction. The New School University. New York

City, NY- 2009-2011

Thesis- Authoring a full length fiction novel. Teaching Experience: I led

several classes of my own on Modernist novels. I also attended a series of

lectures at The New School University, hosted by Helen Schuman, on

teaching English Literature. Attended on Merit Scholarship.

6.10.09 BA- English. The University of Cincinnati. Cincinnati, OH- 2005-2009

I studied English Composition, Grammar, Literature, and Linguistics. I was

an Academic Camp Leader for High School level students in Law,

Business, and Medicine. I was also a judge for submissions of ‘Illuminati

Magazine,’ and ‘Short Vine’ magazine.

Work Experience:

9.1.12 Whole Foods Market, Cincinnati- Cashier- 2012-2014

I was a customer service representative for this extremely high volume

store. I learned to work well on a team, under constant pressure, where, on

a daily basis I had to overcome language and cultural barriers with


9.17.10 The Strand Bookstore, New York City, NY- 2010
The Strand is the third largest bookstore in the world. While I was here, I helped thousands of people every day, from all over the world. I worked the Information Desk, I was the head of the Business, Philosophy, and Religion Departments, I renovated the basement on my own, and was written up in The Boston Globe for being the man at the Strand who could find you books that once belonged to a famous New York writer, David Markson.

Sinéad Laffan- Course Coordinator- tesol@oxfordtefl.cz

David Young- Course Director, Oxford TEFL Prague- david.young@oxfordtefl.cz

Shelley Jackson- Professor of Creative Writing, Columbia University- Shelley@drizzle.com

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