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Full-time ESL Job Wanted: Middle East: Saudi, UAE

Posted by: Y. Solomon
Date: 26 July 2014


Present Address: Languages:
Newfields English (first language)
7764 Afrikaans
Contact details:
Email 1: yumna.solomon@gmail.com Health: Excellent
Drivers licence: Code 8

Marital status: Married


High School (2000-2002) : South Peninsula high (left grade 9 due to medical reasons)

(2003-2006) : Islamic studies (Memorization of the Quran)

(2008-2010) : Grassy Park High ABET centre (part-time)

Highest Standard Passed : Matric

Subjects : English (HG)

: Afrikaans (HG)

: Biology (HG)
: Intro to Ethnology (SG)

: Intro to Criminology (SG)

Year Completed : December 2010

Undergraduate Education

Institution : University of the Western Cape

Degree : Bachelor of Arts

Majors : Linguistics (Language and Communication Studies) and Psychology

Year commenced : 2011

Year completed : 2013

Postgraduate Education

Currently : Honours in Linguistics

Other Educational Courses

Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL)
Teaching English to Younger Learners and Teenagers (TEYLT)

Computer Literacy
• MS Word
• MS Office
• MS Excel
• Power Point
• Internet


Masjidul Munowarrah
Position : Educator
Resposibilities : Teach basic Islamic studies in the late afternoon
Period : 1 year

Mansoor Sasman Building Services CC
Position : Personal Assistant/Office manager
Responsibilities : Filing, pay slips, keeping record of all income and expenses, reception, meeting with clients, taking minutes and any other needs that were required to be fulfilled.
Period : 3 years

Private Islamic Basic Class for juniors
Position : Own private class
Responsibilities : Teach moral values, Quran reading and basic religious studies
Period : 3 years

Grassy Park Islamic Educational Society
Position : Voluntary Teacher
Responsibilities : Teach children how to read Quran and assist where necessary
Period : Whenever I am needed and am available

University of the Western Cape (Currently)
Position : Tutor in the Linguistics Department
Responsibilities : Tutor first and second year undergraduates, mark assignments as well

Tutorial tasks, invigilate during test or exam time etc.
Period : 2014 - Currently

Hobbies and Interests:
• I have great passion for outdoor activity, socialise, teaching, reading and engaging in community activity.

Long term goal
To be successful in my chosen career and to give to the community what I best can in order to better the lives of, myself, and that of others.

Password (case-sEnSiTiVe):

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