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Full-time ESL Job Wanted: Worldwide

Posted by: Richard Smith
Date: 22 July 2014

Sir or Madame,

I am retired from the state of Georgia and about to retire again. I have worked most of my life and, as much as I hate to admit it, retirement is boring. I wish to continue working because I believe I can be an asset to your school and your students. Working gives me a sense of purpose, and allows me to put my talents, abilities, and experience to good use. My employers have always been in the U.S., however, now that I am retiring again I would like to seek work internationally.

I have experience and certifications in the following areas:

Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
General Ledger
Estate Planning
Taxes and Taxation
Document Control
Teaching (Math, Science, History, & English)
Conversational English
Speaking and Writing English Effectively
English Vocabulary and Pronunciation
Introduction to Business and Travel English Language Skills
Social English Language Skills
Working with Students with Special Educational Needs
Training Instructor
Smarter Learning – Study Skills
Effective Communication Skills for Teachers
Human resources
Logistics and Supply Chain
Fundamentals of Using Six Sigma in Supply Chains
Planning and development
Intelligence / Investigator / Analyst

I am a U.S. citizen and I maintain a valid U.S. Passport and teaching certificate. However, I do not have a work visa/permit for overseas positions.

With kindest regards,

Richard Steven Smith

Richard Steven Smith
1179 Waluhiyi Trail
Macon, Ga. 31220
PH# 1-478-737-8242 (H)

1-478-974-8357 (W) & (C)

Skype: rssmith61
Email: smithfin@hotmail.com
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/pub/steve-smith/25/26/667/

Employment History

Smith’s Financial Services Position: Teacher / Trainer / HR from: 1-1-92 To: Present

I maintain financial records (AR, AP, GL, & Payroll). I analyze data, prepare financial reports, tax liabilities, and budgets, maintain established relationships and create new ones. I hire, train, and process new hires, I enter data, and prepare personal, business, and corporate tax returns, and investments. I plan and recommend strategies to increase revenues and profits, and I set up retirement accounts for the owner and their employees.

CSX Position: Logistics / Transportation From 3-21-05 To: 11-22-10

I was responsible for the safe, timely, and efficient operations of any train I am assigned to operate by crew management from one terminal to its destination in accordance with CSX policies and procedures, FRA regulations, and the laws of government subdivisions I operate my assigned train.

Bibb County Position: Teacher / Document Control Manager From: 9-01-99 to 2-14-05

I taught 4th and 7th grade students in self contained classes. I taught English, Math, Science, Social studies, and other subjects. I managed, maintained, transported, secured, retrieved, and destroyed records in accordance with prescribed guidelines regarding storage, confidentiality, and, state and federal, laws. I also stored, recorded, advertised and managed auctions of surplus county property during the summer.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Position: Trainer / Regional Manager From: 11-1-97 To: 1-01-03

As Regional Manager I was responsible for, but not limited to, hiring firing and training of employees concerning the IRS rules and regulations regarding the preparation and processing of personal and business income taxes. I taught classes at the main business office location, and Macon College to business and accounting majors as well as other tax seminars. I was also responsible for developing strategies for increasing sales, marketing and site selection.

Dept. Of Corrections Position: Training Instructor / Security From: 11-1-78 To: 11-1-97

As a training instructor with the Ga. Dept. of Corrections I taught and developed curriculum and taught classes in an attempt to keep officers safe and aware of danger. As a senior correctional officer, I also trained newer officers concerning their responsibilities and problems they would face. My responsibilities as a correctional officer included managing inmates, maintaining security, minimum standards of safety, sanitation, distribution of mail and medication, and counseling inmates about rules and regulations. I retired from this position.

Educational Background

Name of School Degree Grad. Date Major
Southwest High H.S. 1973 NA
Macon Jr. College A.S 1975 Criminal Justice
Georgia College B.S 1978 Criminal Justice
Georgia College MPA 1992 Public Administration

Courses and Groups Taught

Other Assets

1 ) I possess a high degree of loyalty
2 ) I have good organizational skills
3 ) I work well with others
4 ) I am punctual
5 ) I am a hard worker
6 ) I am dependable
7 ) I am computer literate
8 ) I am a non-smoker

Commendations and Awards

From For
Charles Topetzes Graduate level research paper
James Deal Assistance during an automobile accident
Aubrey Jones For assisting the Macon Police Dept.
Lt. Herman Orr Going above and beyond the call of duty
Sgt. Kenneth Brown Superior Performance
G.D.C Fifteen-year faithful service award
Colonel Danielson Teamwork and Integrity medal
Chief Counselor Mathis New Direction – Counseling internship
Truit Goodwin Exceeding Expectations

Passport Info

United States
Passport Number 420759955
Expires May 25, 2017

Certifications & Training - Teaching / Education / Languages

Understanding Student Development and Diversity
Exploring Architecture
Smarter Learning - Study Skills and Practices
Effective Communication Techniques for Teachers
Speaking and Writing English Effectively
Fundamentals of Storytelling
Instructional Planning for Successful Teaching
Introduction to the Learning Process
Motivating Students to Learn
Psychology: Memory and Cognition
Practicing English Language Grammar Skills
Social English Language Skills
Working With Students with Special Educational Needs
English Vocabulary and Pronunciation
Understanding Dyslexia
Using Emodo for Social Media in the Classroom
English Writing Skills
Business and Travel English Language Skills
ACT Math Exam
Web Applications for Learning English
English Grammar – Tense and Sentence Structure
Fundamentals of English Grammar
Introduction to Conversational English
Teaching English as a Second Language
Fundamentals of Childhood and Youth Studies
Psychology: Research Methods
Training Instructor
Shakespeare: His Life and Work
Using Lyrics Training for Language Learning
Exploring Google Earth
Exploring Google Docs
SAT Math Test

Certifications & Training - Mental Health

Working with Students with Special Educational Needs
Understanding Behavior, Burnout, and Depression
Suicide, Violent Behavior and Substance Abuse
Mental Health and Illness
Crisis Intervention
Schizophrenia & Mental Illness

Certifications & Training - Management

Business Intelligence and Knowledge Systems
Fundamentals of Operations Management
Creating Meaning for Employees
Using Six Sigma in Supply Chain
Understanding Behavior, Burnout, and Depression
Fundamentals of Human Resources
Business and Travel English Language Skills
Diploma in Human Resources
Six Sigma – Understanding Benchmarking Methods
Introduction to Time Management
Large Entity Management
Ethics & Professionalism
Business & Corporate Taxes
Tax Law
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Accounts Payable / Receivables
Logistics & Supply Chain
Document Control
Finance and Consulting
Preparing to Manage – Skills and Practices
Planning and Development
Introduction to Copyright Law in America

Certifications & Training - Science

Chemistry – States of Matter
Physics – Motion, Speed, and Time
Physics - Advanced Motion in Two Dimensions
Biology – Heredity
Physics – Gravity
Psychology: Memory and Cognition
The Human Reproductive System
Dynamic Earth: Understanding Plate Tectonics
Biology – Evolution, Natural Selection, and DNA
The Wonders of the Big Bang and Our Universe
Fundamentals of General Science
Anatomy – Human Respritory System
Anatomy – Human Sensory Organs
Anatomy – Human Skeletal System
Anatomy – Human Digestive System
Anatomy – Human Muscular System

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