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Full-time ESL Job Wanted: SAT/English Teacher Beijing

Posted by: Karim Davis
Date: 10 July 2014




I specialize in English, test preparation, public speaking, and storytelling. I speak good Spanish, some Mandarin Chinese, and have taught 13-50 year-olds from Asia, North and South America and Eastern Europe.


Private Educational Consultant: (Confidential Company)
Serving the SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, ACT and GED tests, my students include U.S. military recruits, college prospects and working adults approaching greater career opportunities. I optimize standardize test performance using a personally-developed test simulation program that integrates theoretical learner knowledge with multidimensional sensory conditioning.

ESL Instructor: California University of Management & Sciences, Arlington, Virginia, USA. http://calums.edu/w/va/home_va/
With this employer near Washington DC, my duties were to improve the conversational ability of an 8-member class from various homelands, various ages, and English competence. My most effective tactic, since all were over 21, was to teach outside the classroom. Washington DC provided an outstanding variety of venues for vocabulary building and immersion.

Oral English Teacher: University of International Relations, Haidian, Beijing, China. http://www.uir.cn/
I taught Chinese freshmen and sophomores. Most were from the Beijing area and about 20% from the far western provinces. Instruction was at my discretion and in a limited-resource classroom setting. Nonetheless, I developed 2 new teaching tools; first, a “Court of Law,” through which some students debated topics, while others served as expert witnesses, jurors and members of the press. Second was a radio show, complete with live guests, call-in guests, on-air advertisers, and community members.

Oral English Teacher: Jinhua College of Professions and Technology, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China. http://www.jhc.cn/
I taught freshmen and sophomore English majors using state-of-the-art interactive language laboratories. Class sizes averaged 50 students, among whom about 70% shared English skill levels, with approximately 15% blocks of both outstanding and unmotivated students. Here, I also began graduate study in ESL and independently developed a dynamic and exciting Learn By Teaching strategy upon which my traditional classroom pedagogy is now rooted. I call it “He Said, She Said,” and it exercises pronunciation, grammar, memory, while building functional vocabulary and presentation skills. It's ideal for large classes.

Native Teacher: Rainbow Language Training School, Shaoxing, China. 10 Minzhongxinyi Road, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China 312000.
I usually taught children aged 6-9, employing a combination of competitive games and textbook exercises. I focused on building vocabulary, phonics, and cooperation.

Native English Teacher: Shaoxing Secondary Technical School, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China. http://en.sxzz.cn/
This was my first full-time teaching position. Classes were large and highly motivated, but instruction was limited to old textbooks, a chalkboard, an video monitor on which I showed films from time to time. My biggest achievement was leading the school speech team to a first place victory in the city-wide English competition by training them in public speaking after class. Our team won the team event and had the competition's single top scorer, who went on to compete in the provincial competition sponsored by CCTV.

Substitute Teacher: Orange County Public Schools, Orlando, Florida, USA. www.ocps.net
I gained enormous experience in a very short time here; teaching a variety of subjects and environments in the absence of permanent teachers. My most memorable moment was the first time I taught my favorite subject English. It was after this exposure that I decided to become a professional educator.


American College of Education. Indianapolis, IA, USA. www.ace.edu.
Bachelor of Arts (English Major): University of Memphis. Memphis,TN, USA www.memphis.edu.
Fisk University. Nashville, TN, USA www.fisk.edu.
Wesley College. Dover, DE, USA www.wesley.edu


>Achieved a perfect English score on the Tennessee Secondary School Proficiency Test
>Completed high school ranked 11th out of 187 seniors with a GPA of 3.87
>Won a full scholarship to edit Fisk University's The Fisk Forum. Fisk University has a tier-one ranking in the 2011 Edition of Best Colleges by U.S. News & World Reports, is on Parade Magazine's A-List of colleges, was ranked 29th among America's Best Liberal Arts Colleges by the Washington Monthly, has also been recognized by CBS Money Watch and the Princeton Review as one of the best in the United States.
>Won the Charles S. Johnson Writing Scholarship at Fisk University
>Coached 3 students to a First Place victory in Shaoxing's 11th Annual Oral English Competition
>Maintaining a 100% improvement rate with IELTS examinees


ESL Professional: Language Certification Institute (LCI-USA), 2014.
National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). Member #623375
Foreign Expert Certificate, 3/2007 - 2/2008, 7/2010 – 1/2013: State Bureau of Foreign Expert Affairs, People's Republic of China.

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