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Full-time ESL Job Wanted: Morocco

Posted by: Gorden Struck
Date: 22 June 2014

21 June 2014

To Whom it May Concern:

My name is Gorden Struck, and I am interested in applying for an English teaching position in Morocco. I have a strong interest in teaching English, which stems from my travels from the Americas to North Africa. More specifically, I gained valuable teaching experience in teaching English from my first volunteer experience in Meknès, Morocco while studying Arabic, French, and Islamic culture at the Faculté des Lettres de l’Université de Moulay Ismail. Since that experience, I have had the desire to travel and return to Morocco to teach English.

I am interested in coming back to Morocco not only because I had a great experience, but also because I have a strong interest in Islamic culture and the Arabic and French languages. Having received a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs in May 2014, I would like to, in the future, work overseas where I can use my language skills in working for foreign companies, more specifically French speaking countries. Living in Morocco, while teaching, would also give me an excellent opportunity to observe the different cultural, social, and political aspects of a country such as Morocco.

In addition to my degree in International Affairs, I also earned my TEFL certificate through a one-hundred fifty hour online TEFL course. The TEFL course work consisted of various modules of how to conduct and teach English lessons to non-native speakers. In addition, I completed twenty hours of the TEFL practicum by volunteering at an English Learning Center near my university. The coursework through TEFL has prepared me to become an English instructor by requiring me to be creative and produce lesson plans that are age appropriate, fun, and educational. In addition, my practicum hours allowed me to observe a variety teaching styles used by other English instructors, and this has given me a great deal of experience with dealing with learners of English of various levels.

One of my strengths is learning new languages very quickly. I studied Arabic (foosah) for three years at the University of Mary Washington, and I taught myself French within this past year. In addition, I studied Spanish for seven years and can speak all three of these languages with a high level of confidence. During my studies in Morocco, I picked up a little of the local derija dialect, which helped me maneuver the medina and shops like a true Moroccan. My experiences abroad have allowed me to gain additional skills such as how to be adaptable, communicate clearly, have the ability to take on and overcome challenges, and to use those challenges as positive learning experiences.

I am very interested in being an English teaching instructor in Morocco, and I would be a great asset to your staff.
Gorden Struck
email: gorden.struck@gmail.com
skype: Gorden Struck (struckmayn)

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