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ESL Job: Full-time ESL Job Wanted: US

Posted By: Bruce Bishop
Date: 3 February 2014

Bruce A. Bishop

* Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and BS in General Science Education.
* Over 18 years of experience in using best practices to design effective lesson plans and learning activities in the classroom. Experienced in teaching a diverse population of students including adults, high school students, Upward Bound students, and cognitively challenged students.
* E-Learning Design and Development Certification, including Needs Assessment, Courseware Design and Methodology, Project Management, and E-Learning Technology.
* Empathetic and supportive personality with strong interpersonal, relationship-building, and active listening skills.
* Enthusiasm for participating as a member of a collaborative team to meet students’ learning needs.
* Familiarity with Web and E-learning technologies: Expert-level PowerPoint and Word skills, proficient Dreamweaver skills, novice-level Adobe Captivate skills.
* Current Washington State Teaching Certificate.

Instructional Designer, Bellevue College, Bellevue WA, 8/2013 – Present
* In a joint project with Carnegie Mellon and Bellevue College, designed and developed e-learning instructional materials for an online course (Digital Literacy for Healthcare) in an academic and professional technical degree program.
* Followed the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluation) process to define and analyze learning objectives and develop course content to meet those objectives.
* Used Universal Design Learning (UDL) principles and Clark and Mayer’s principles of Multimedia Design to develop learning materials that are cognitively accessible to a wide range of students.
* Collaborated with SMEs and assessment experts to design and develop course content
* Researched relevant health informatics topics and translated this information into written, illustrative, and verbal materials. Augmented and redesigned existing materials for web delivery.
* Developed assessment activities (Learning By Doing and Did I Get This activities) and quiz questions.

Courier, FedEx, Bothell, WA, 10/2011 – Present
* Responsible for safely driving company vehicles to pick up and deliver packages for both business and residential customers.
* In a classroom project for Instructional Design Certification, used the ADDIE model to develop a Courier training course in map-reading and route-finding skills for new employees. (Training program was developed as an educational exercise and is not currently implemented at FedEx).

Course Instructor, City of Seattle, Upward Bound Program, Seattle, WA, 6/2011 – 8/2011
* Taught Chemistry, Biology, and personal and professional career goal setting (including interviewing skills and resume writing) to students needing to earn retrieval credits for graduation.
* Provided mentoring and instruction to at-risk, inner-city high school students to develop their skills, knowledge, and motivation for graduating from high school. Lessons included goal setting, learning strategies, career and college exploration, academic action planning, application completion, and interviewing skills.

Science Teacher/Tutor, Dartmoor Schools, Bellevue, WA, 3/2011 – 6/2011
* Provided one-on-one instruction/tutoring to students with various educational challenges (such as ADD, ADHA, and Tourette Syndrome).
* Taught learning strategies to help students overcome their specific learning challenges.

Guest (Substitute Teacher), Riverview School District, Carnation, WA, 12/2010 – 3/2011
* Taught classes for all subjects for grades K-12.

Tutor, WyzAnt, Online Tutoring, 9/2010 – 6/2011
* Provided tutoring in Biology.

Science Teacher, Lake Washington School District, Redmond, WA, 8/1996 – 6/2010
* Developed and taught lessons based on Washington State science standards for 9th grade Physical Science (14 years) and Accelerated Track Biology (10 years).
* Experience in using brain-based research principles to design innovative learning activities that enhance student learning and achieve specific educational standards and objectives.
* Used positive feedback to reinforce students’ confidence in learning complex scientific concepts and maximize their learning potential.
* Created innovative hands-on learning experiences that significantly improved student understanding of complex and abstract scientific concepts.
* Initiated successful collaboration between Junior High accelerated-track Biology teachers and Senior High Biology teachers to standardize the curricula taught in both courses.
* Science Department Chair for 3 years. Facilitated communication between administration and department members.
* Actively participated as a team-member on two textbook adoption committees and two power standards committees, providing critical input and ideas into district efforts to align district curricula with State standards.
* Authored successful $3,000 Heather Haworth Math & Science Enrichment Grant in 2010 for the purchase of data collection devices to enhance student use of technology.
* School Webmaster and E-Board Manager (3 years).
* Used Dreamweaver and All-Web Menus Pro to develop a class website that improved communication with parents and students.

Science Teacher, Farmington Municipal Schools, Farmington, NM, 8/1993 – 5/1996
* Developed and taught lessons for 7th grade Life Sciences and 8th grade Earth Science.

Substitute Teacher, Durango School District 9-R, Durango, CO, 1/1993 – 5/1993
* Taught classes for all subject for grades K – 12.

Permanent Substitute Teacher, Westerville, OH, 1/1992 – 5/1992
* Assumed responsibility for designing and teaching lessons for 9th grade Physical Science and Biology for grades 10-12.

Elderhostel Course Instructor, Denali Foundation, Denali, AK, Summers 1988 – 1996
* Developed and taught courses on the natural history, geology, and wildlife of Denali National Park and Interior Alaska to senior citizens participating in Elderhostel programs. Also led participants on discovery hikes.

* E-Learning Design and Development Certification, University of Washington, 2013
* M.S. Educational Technology, City University, Bellevue, WA, 2000
* B.S. General Science Education, The Ohio State University, 1991

* Brain Rules, Teacher Workshop, Seattle Pacific University, 2011
* NSF Summer Institute, “Physics by Inquiry”, University of Washington, 2006 & 2008
* Powerful PowerPoint Presentations, Seattle Pacific University, 2008
* Earth Science for Teachers, University of Washington, 2003

* Instructional Design Software – Currently learning Adobe Captivate Version 6
* Microsoft Outlook and Word – Over 17 years of experience of use for professional communications, production of instructional materials, and lesson plans.
* PowerPoint, Excel, and Whiteboard Technology – Professionally trained and accomplished user for development of engaging, effective instructional presentations and inquiry-based learning activities and assessments
* Website Development – Highly proficient with Dreamweaver and All-Web Menus Pro

Bellevue College
* Used ADDIE model to analyze, design, and develop learning materials. Defined audience needs and learning objectives. Performed additional research on Health Informatics topics, and used Universal Design Learning (UDL) principles to develop course content. Revised and augmented previously existing learning objectives and course content to be more clear and precise. Designed learning activities (Learning by Doing and Did I Get This activities) and quiz questions. Collaborated with subject matter and assessment experts.
* Used Clark and Mayer's Principles of Multimedia Design. Broke objectives down into smaller subobjectives. Provided graphical materials to help illustrate concepts in the instructional material. Eliminated redundancy in previously development materials. Designed assessment materials to determine whether students mastered subject material before they proceeded to more complex topics.

FedEx Courier Training
In a classroom project, used the ADDIE model to develop a Courier training course in map-reading and route-finding skills for new FedEx employees.
* Analysis. Defined the scope and learning objectives of the instructional problem to be solved. Analyzed learner characteristics, behavioral learning objectives, and course delivery options. Used Adult learning theory to allow students to test out of modules and help them find their appropriate challenge level.
* Design. Identified specific learning objectives and developed unit plans and lessons. Designed assessment instruments and exercises.
* Development. Used Adobe Captivate to generate course content that utilized Universal Design Learning Principles and Multimedia (written and auditory materials and video clips)
* Evaluation. Designed diagnostic tests to measure the effectiveness of training and compare data for average stops per hour, individual scores, and group scores as measured before and after training.

ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluation) Model
* Analysis: Define instructional problems, scope, and objectives such as learner characteristics, behavioral learning objectives, learning constraints, delivery options, adult learning theory, and project timeline
* Design: Identify specific learning objectives, assessment instruments, exercises, subject matter content, lesson plans, and media
* Development: Create storyboards and graphics and generate course content and review and revise content according to feedback
* Implementation: Develop procedures for training facilitators and learners and evaluate design.
* Evaluation: Perform formative assessment (diagnostic testing) throughout the above phases to improve learning materials and summative assessment to monitor educational outcomes for accountability

Clark and Mayer’s Six Principles of Multimedia Design
* Multimedia: Build a connection between verbal and graphic learning representations and use small chunks of material to avoid cognitive overload
* Contiguity: Keep elements of learning material together (such as grouping verbal and graphic content and providing feedback in close proximity to learning material)
* Modality: Select the most appropriate mode of media presentation for the type of content
* Redundancy: Eliminate presentation of redundant information in various formats.
* Coherence: Avoid distracting or overloading the learner by not using of extra stimuli (text, visuals, or sounds) that do not relate to the learning material.
* Personalization: Use a conversational style and pedagogical agents or coaches that tag along with the learners

Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Assessment
* Reaction: Did the learners think that the learning process was effective?
* Learning: What did the audience actually learn from the program?
* Behavior: Does the learner actually apply the learning?
* Results: What are the tangible results of the learning process in terms of reduced cost, improved quality, and increased efficiency?

Other Methodologies
* Storyboarding: Plan course navigation, content sequencing, and overall course design
* Rapid Prototyping: Develop prototypes to get feedback from users and stakeholders
* Successive Approximation: Iterative improvement of the prototypes

Other Highlights of Instructional Design Coursework
* Received instruction in using synchronous (group) and asynchronous (self-paced) platforms
* Wrote an instructional design document
* Redesigned existing materials for delivery over the web
* Learned intellectual and copyright laws

E-Learning Technology
* Use the web and other emerging e-learning technologies
* Use PowerPoint and Adobe Captivate to develop a training program for FedEx (final project)

* Implement effective collaboration strategies with stakeholders, designers, and developers

E-learning Project Management
* Schedule, budget, and plan a project

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