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ESL Job offered ONLINE: Teach English via Skype

Posted By: English with Experts
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2014

Quick facts:

· We are an ONLINE school and most of our students are from Russia (Moscow or St.Petersburg)
· We offer one-on-one English conversational practice and exam preparation through Skype
· Each student has 30-60 minutes lessons, 2-5 times a week (most lessons are 30 mins).
The number of classes depends on the teacher's availability- we have both ' casual' and almost ' full time' teachers.
· Most of our students are adults, in their late 20s or early 30s, busy professionals who have no time to attend regular English classes.

Who are we looking for? PPP= Professional Positive People

1. Positive
Speaking to strangers on the phone could be a bit intimidating, especially if we do it in a different language. Being friendly and positive is the key in being able to help students to relax and enjoy themselves.

2. Punctual and Reliable.
Time is of crucial value to most of our students, therefore we expect our tutors to understand it and not to cancel or reschedule classes unless absolutely necessary . Also we prefer people who already have jobs and would like to teach online to complement their income and experience.

3. Professional.

Technical requirements:(you will need to have)
a) Reliable Internet connection
b) Headset ( headphones and a microphone)
c) Webcam

More about our classes:

It is a part-time, home-based job, and you can do it when it is a good time for you.
Currently, the most ' in demand' hours are 8-00-10-00 am and 20-00-23-00 Moscow time.
We require at least 2 days a week ( 90-120 mins) commitment.
You can do either of the ‘shift’s (morning OR evening OR both)
Payment: $11/ hour. $5.5 / 30 mins
Payments are made by PayPal

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