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Review ~ Visual Thesaurus
Reviewed Nov 2010 by Jennie Roloff

I never thought I’d say this about any teaching tool, but I feel that the Visual Thesaurus is as perfect as a resource can be. In the interest of an objective and balanced review, I looked for what might be lacking, but I came up empty-handed.
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Languages Out There
Reviewed Jun 2009 by Clare Welch

There is a growing market for online language teaching and learning. Do a Google search for online materials and you’ll find a motley collection of grammar overviews, games and ideas. What online teachers, myself included, are looking for are easy to access, easy to use, informative and well structured
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Reviewed Jun 2009 by Christine Story

A few years ago, a group of fourteen Bangladeshi engineers contacted me about the possibility of teaching them English. The engineers, who all worked together, had become fed up with the local EFL institutes and wanted to hire an English teacher directly. While I was eager to teach them, I couldn’t figure out a way to accommodate a large group without using an institute as the middleman. Renting and outfitting a teaching space was a headache and expense I didn’t want to deal with, and the engineers didn’t want to pay for a space that they would
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TEFL Videos
Reviewed May 2009 by Assumpta Biosca Taronger

Being a good teacher of English is a challenge many teachers face nowadays. Teaching English not only implies presenting content to the students and correcting their production, but also having the students engaged in a thrilling learning process that they need to feel as their own. Teachers often need to attend courses or seminars in order to exchange innovative ideas that colleagues have succeeded in using. Now, TEFL Videos presents a very practical, versatile and easy-to-access pack of teaching techniques and their
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