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Student Materials

This series ranges from pre-intermediate/A2 through intermediate levels to Advanced/C2. The catalogue lists five themes – Incredible Animals, Fascinating Places, Amazing Science, Remarkable People and Exciting Activities. It includes such unlikely titles as Blue Cows? and Flying Pumpkins, as well as more ordinary sounding titles such as Gliding Across the Gobi and Saving the Pandas. The titles I reviewed are Volcano Trek (A2), Cheese Rolling Races (A2), Wind Power (B1), Polar
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Academic Vocabulary in Use
Reviewed Aug 2008 by Alex Case

I am reviewing this book not as an expert on EAP (English for Academic Purposes), but rather as a teacher who occasionally has to teach it while concentrating most of the time on other types of ESP. As this includes situations like giving students advice of academic writing despite having studied Physics and therefore writing nothing longer than 1500 words at university, I was therefore
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Telephone English
Reviewed Jun 2008 by Alex Case

Author: John Hughes
Publisher: Macmillan
Components: Self-study book, classroom skills practice book with CD
Summary: Simple but not repetitive, thorough but concise, and creative within the very narrow confines of its remit, and although similar to other books about telephoning my favourite book on the subject.

As most of my Japanese Business English students use English much more on the phone than face to face, I’ve been writing, using and reviewing a lot of materials for telephoning practice over the last few years. Although all the telephoning books are rather similar, this one goes down as my favourite
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