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Make Your Own Worksheets with Worksheet Generator
Save time making your own worksheets online with TEFL.net’s easy-to-use Worksheet Generator.

Reconsidering Running Around Games in EFL
How to achieve better discipline and learning than you would with running around games as they are usually done.

Making Current Affairs Lessons Timeless
Making sure your lessons and their results last longer than the news cycle.

How To Teach A/An
Advice and classroom activities for teaching the two forms of the indefinite article and the difference between them.

How To Teach Have/Have Got
Presentation and practice of the language of possession.

How To Teach The Academic Word List
What to teach about the most used academic vocabulary, and how to do so – vital for IELTS, EAP, pre-sessional, study abroad and Academic Writing classes.

How To Teach The Future Continuous Tense
When and how to present and practise will + be + v + ing for points in time and certain future events.

How To Teach The Future Perfect
What to teach about will + have + PP and how to do so, plus three practice activities.

How To Teach English For Architects
A summary of issues and solutions for an area that there is little specific material for.

Teaching With Video
Renaud Davies looks at practical ways of getting students more involved when using video in the classroom.

How To Teach Present Perfect With Unfinished Times
How to approach Present Perfect with “this year”, “in the last couple of days” etc.

Management of Angry and Passive-Aggressive Students
Hazel Morley looks at ways of identifying and responding to anger and passive aggression in students.

How To Teach Present Perfect With YET And ALREADY
Practical advice for teaching Have + Past Participle with “yet” and “already”.

How To Teach Present Perfect For Experiences (Have you ever)
The first use of Present Perfect to teach and how to do so.

How To Practise Used To
Adding a little more when teaching Used To. Really practical activities for practising Used To in class.

Teaching Benefit Classes
Tips and strategies for dealing with in-company classes where the students have different motivations for studying

Combining collocations and pronunciation
Ways of practising the two tricky points of words that commonly go together and pronunciation more easily and more productively

General Explanations For English Future Forms
One grammar explanation that can be used to explain almost all future tenses, plus a debunking of two common but inaccurate attempts to do so

Ideas on teaching public speaking skills
Speaking in public can be a terrifying experience, and even more so in a second language. Here are some ideas to augment your teaching of presentation skills to learners of English.

Teaching Perfect Tenses
Ways to teach the Perfect tenses together to make both the more common tenses and the less common ones easier to understand and remember