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"Thanks for some superb teaching aids, especially the pronunciation of -ed. Please keep sending me your 7 Tips."
Amanda Robins, UK

"Thank you for making very clear some of what I have been struggling with in a TESOL course here in Australia. Thank you to Liz Regan in her 20 Teaching Tips, and the wonderfully put 'apostrophe thingy'."
Peter Angelovski, Australia

"How so! Brilliant tip. I discovered that myself a year or two ago with one particularly demanding directora of an academia - in Spain, but she happened to be (guess...) German. Wish I had seen that tip from the outset - it would have saved me a lot of time and petrol!"
Mark, Spain

"Josef: I just want to thank you very much for your support and motivation to all teachers around the world. I'm always looking forward to opening the e-mail to enjoy what you sent us."
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"I am very excited because I got a web site where the foreign English teachers have a tremendous opportunity to establish communication with partners and much more. I hope to join a lot of people around the world."
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"Wonderful site. Highly useful for people like me - a lecturer in English. Very commendable."
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"Hi there, thanks for the 7 Tips! Excellent! Cheers."
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"I just read your tip about spending less time talking and giving your students more time to think. Spot on! I'm going to benefit a lot from your material. Thanks!"
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"I am a newcomer to this site but as an Englishman teaching in Turkey, I have found it to be extemely useful. Keep up the good work!"
Paul Rollings, Turkey

"I'm currently struggling through my TESOL training in the UK and am absolutely thrilled to have found your pages. Thanks for your support!!! I will carry on dipping in from time to time so monitor any updates!!!"
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Study Centre, Italy

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